Thursday, April 28, 2011

From USA Today Monday 25 April - Unsafe Chemicals For Kids

I read this in the newspaper on Monday and had to repost this information to ensure people see it:

1.  Asbestos:  linked to lung cancer and disease. Found in many products from brake pads to cement

2. Bisphenol A (BPA): linked to prostate, brain and behaviour changes in children exposed before and after birth. In many products including plastic and can linings

3. Formaldehyde: known carcinogen in construction materials, clothing, couches countertops, sheets

4. Hexane: linked to nerve damage.  A solvent in craft spray/paints, stain remover

5. Hexavalent Chromium:  Linked to several cancers. Found in soil and water

6. Methylene Chloride: Can cause poisoning and death. Found in wood floor cleaner, water repellants, spray shoe polish

7. Phthalates: Linked to hormone changes and birth defects.  Used to soften plastics and bind fragrances to products such as perfumes

8. Flame Retardants:  Linked to altered brain development resulting in loss of IQ, cancer.  Used in polyurethane foam in couches, nursing pillows, strollers, changing pads, curtains, padded furniture etc

9. Tricholoroethylene: Linked to cancer in animals and birth defects.  Used in rug cleaners and spot cleaners.

10.  Vinyl Chloride: Linked to liver disease in animals.  Used in PVC and in flooring, car interiors and toys.

This article is what really got me kicked into gear with all this.  Along with these things above add pesticides, lead and dioxins and we have a real cocktail of harm in our homes.

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