Thursday, January 24, 2013

Update and new natural deodorant alternative

Sorry it's been a while since my last post!  Here's what I'm doing now!

Deodorant - this issue has been solved once and for all with no turning back!  I used the apple cider vinegar, as mentioned in the previous post, for a while but got really sick of the smell and found after a while that it wasn't really working.  I'd heard baking soda works so I tried that by mixing some into a paste in my hands and wiping it under my arms - works fantastically!  I've been doing this daily now for five months and it's still 100% effective!  Lasts all day and that includes through work or busy activity! So this has to be my number one recommendation for 100% safe and effective deodorant now.   I usually let it dry for a bit before putting clothes on but it's just so convenient and not to mention cheap!

On another note - laundry soap:  I have to say, after two years of using soap nuts only for my laundry, this is going to be something I continue using forevermore I think as long as they are available.  It is SO cost effective. In fact I can't imagine any other laundry soap whether home made  or not could ever come cheaper and more economical than these soap nuts.  I have had a box of soap nuts for over a year now - it's lasted us that long!  Yes we're only a family of two right now but we do at least one wash most days, they really stretch far.  I use them for most of my washes with cold water too and they are great.  I use them with hot water for towels and sheets.  Can't recommend them highly enough!

I'm still continuing with all else previously mentioned in this blog,  all going well!

Would love to hear from you if you have any ways you're going chemical free that I may have not mentioned as yet!

Thanks for reading!


  1. i use baking soda too but i make sure to use an aluminum free one from bobs red mill

  2. I have read most of ur blog and found it very interesting. I am trying to do similar. yesterday I threw away almost all plastic containers in kitchen. Trying to store veggie in paper instead of plastic in fridge. I got couple questions though.
    1> I could not find good alternative to tooth brush(plastic) and tooth paste(chemical).
    2> We have vegetable garden in backyard and we get tons of veggie and we freeze them in ziplocks(plastic). Is there way to freeze veggie without using plastic.

    1. Hey, thanks for reading! Sorry on delayed response. Good on you with your efforts getting rid of plastics etc! It all helps!
      Regarding the toothbrush - I found one that we've been using for a while now by a company called 'Smile Squared'. They are made of bamboo and the company helps kids in need with each purchase. I actually got them from a local store but here they are on amazon if that helps
      With toothpaste I've been making my own! My recipe uses Doterra essential oils, baking soda and salt. I'll post the recipe in another blog if you're interested! It works really well and my husband always comments on how clean and great his teeth feel after using it.
      Wow so jealous you have your own vegetable garden! I haven't come across any ideas regarding not using plastic in the freezer except for using maybe glass jars or storage containers that are safe to go in the freezer. Not sure how you'd get the air out of them though unless you just packed them to the top full? Sorry I'm not much help with that but if I come across anything I'll let you know!
      Thanks again for your comments! Hope that helps!

  3. Hello Treenz, I have just discovered your blog and am finding it a wonderful resource as I start my journey to a chemical free life. Last month my mother died unexpectedly from cancer and I am determined to make some life style choices that put my family in the best possible health going forward. I am fortunate to have a couple of supportive friends helping me on this journey, but it's plain-speaking, easy to read blogs like these that are such a help too! I would love to read more posts from you, but as busy mum and (slightly negligent) blogger myself, I know how much real life gets in the way. Anyway, a big thank you, Charmaine

    1. Hey Charmaine - thank you so much for your encouragement! I'm so glad you're finding it helpful! So sorry to hear about your mum... and yet glad you are making positive steps. It really is like unending rabbit holes when you start investigating all this stuff and it gets tiresome, sometimes I wish we could trust everything out there. I will try and get to this more often -- I'm in the ending stages of pregnancy of my first child right now so it's been a whole new journey but look forward to sharing more as I find out more too! Thanks again for commenting!

  4. I ditched my mainstream deodorant a couple months back. The first alternative that I tried was a liquid mineral salt spray that worked for about a week. I had heard about baking soda from a friend and decided to give that a try. So far I think it works pretty good but the only downside is that it's a little bit of a pain to apply. I just started my own website and have been thinking about doing a blog post about deodorant alternatives. Thanks for your post!