Tuesday, June 14, 2011

So What Skincare and Makeup Is Safe To Use?

Still devastated to get rid of my makeup - I'm a real makeup junkie - I love it as a creative, it's just fun to use and I've really refined it over the years to exactly what I love.  However on writing to one of my all time fav brands Bobbi Brown and getting no responses and finding nothing online I can only assume that they are no divulging their ingredients for a reason.  So I can only assume that they are full of the same toxic chemicals that everything else is. Gutted.

Being accepted for a new job that requires professional makeup I had to really get to it and research safe alternatives that are going to work for me in this new job.  As far as skincare is concerned I'm still using cold pressed extra virgin organic coconut oil for my skin - around my eyes etc. It is fantastic. I love the glow of my skin after and in saying that it's not an oily glow,  my skin looks really healthy.

I was surprised how many options there are out there for safe non toxic makeup.  I will put some links below for you with one warning - you STILL need to check the ingredients and don't just assume they are all safe.  I discovered recently that Bare Escentuals/Minerals that I thought was safe actually has bismuth in it which is questionable and you can actually get mineral products in other brands that don't include that.

An ideal scenario is that you will find products also packaged in something other than plastic ie glass or stainless steel, bamboo or wood or something like that.   Though that isn't always available so that is your choice.  My hope would be that the plastic container they provide it in is at least BPA free.  If you're not sure, probably best to ask or to avoid.  I noticed Suncoat do their lipsticks in bamboo containers which is cool. 

You will notice all of these listed above will give you a complete ingredient listing for every product which is fantastic.  If you're in doubt google any things that you don't know what they are. That's what I did and you start to get a good idea of what's good etc as you're searching for the right product.

I will review the products I purchase as I try them in aims of finding the perfect collection once more but this time with makeup that is non toxic to me and my family.  One less thing to have to worry about.

So far I have purchased from Gabriel Cosmetics:  Lipstick and Blush and really happy with both.  Very nice professional products.  They do have plastic packaging as I thought of that after purchasing them.  I probably should ask them about that.

I have purchased a Dr Hauschka volume mascara which I'm still waiting for it to arrive in the mail.  I actually want to try the Living Nature thickening one also as I have seen good reviews online about that one too. I really like the thick black look in mascara so am more picky because of that. 

I got a sample of nvey makeups corrector - which seems to be ok.  I also purchased a Terra Firma Eye Gel as my all time favourite product before was Bobbi Brown's Long Wear Gel Eyeliner and I was desperately trying to find something to substitute it with.  I think this is the product.  It doesn't last as long as Bobbi's but I can put a few coats on and it goes on quite black.  This product is completely non toxic so no worries about putting that on my eyes at all. So far, happy!

I have some Bare Escentuals foundation and warmth left which I am using just for now till I have money to get better. Bare Escentuals is certainly better than the standard foundations out there but ideally I don't want to use that either.  I will only use it on the days I work and also I have some bare escentuals eyeshadows I use for now too but will replace.

I'm excited that there are so many good options out there and I can only see that industry as getting bigger and bigger as more women make the shift from toxic to non toxic in their makeup.

Some of you may think brands like Origins are safe - but sadly even though they cut out the parabens they have other nasty stuff in their products. I had some, read the ingredients list and had to part with it.  I didn't expect it to come from them. But then remember that they are owned by Estee Lauder who also own my fav Bobbi Brown and others.  Another brand Burts Bees - some of their products are ok - you just have to read the ingredients list and get familiar with stuff that is safe or not.  Remember to watch out for the word fragrance too - as that means pthalates which are really dangerous.  Their packaging is all plastic too which isn't ideal.

Hope that helps! Love to know if any of you have any experience with any of the brands I've mentioned for natural non toxic or any other brands.  

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  1. Coming from an ex-MAC addict & Breast Cancer Survivor (at 31), I totally hear you girl! I have made finding truly natural & organic body care products & cosmetics (THAT WORK) my mission! I have a ton of stuff on my blog-a-licious that may help you out! http://theglamorganicgoddess.blogspot.com/