Monday, August 22, 2011

Safe Shampoo/Conditioner etc

Ok so I felt I have to follow up the last post with some options for you of safe products to use and where to get them:

Aubrey Organics  
I'm currently using their honeysuckle shampoo and conditioner and it's beautiful.  I'm going to try more of theirs also as our local health store has it for a reasonable price.  They have a HUGE range - like probably over 15 different shampoos with matching conditioners.

You can get it from the website linked above or Amazon has it. Here is a link to the Honeysuckle Conditioner on Amazon but just search under Aubrey Organics on Amazon and you'll find more.

Thera Neem Shampoo and Conditioner
The shampoo is very runny but nice and smells good.  The conditioner smells like coconut and I find it makes my hair so nice.

I found this in our local health store but you can get it on Amazon also. Here is a link to
one of the shampoos they have there.

These are just two we have tried so far that I know are safe.  There are many brands in the health stores but beware many of them still have the bad stuff in - I was shocked to discover that actually!   Brands to still avoid are Giovanni and Avalon among others. Don't be fooled by companies jumping on the bandwagon saying natural or organic but still leaving in some of the bad stuff.  Burts Bees does that too - check the labels first.  Especially watch for fragrance as that is one that I find I easily forget about but it is important too, it needs to be essential oil fragranced only ideally.

Other brands  that have shampoo/conditioners that are organic and safe that I've found so far are:  Dr Hauschka,  Living Nature.  As I find more I will post them. I am aware of a ton of other brands I could list for you but many of them still have some of those ingredients as mentioned above so I will only ever recommend ones that are 100% safe.

Brands that are safe will always list their ingredients and often they will tell you what each ingredient is also. That's how it should be and it saves you looking up what each thing actually is.

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