Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Surrounded By Toxic Plastic & Chemicals & No One Is Monitoring This!

I really had no idea just how much we are surrounded in plastic until now.  Seriously nearly everything is plastic right down to the sunglasses I wear... pens... coat hangers....  All this plastic emitting toxins into the air in our homes which we breathe in and get in our blood streams... what are we doing!?!

Today I spent a whole lot more time reading and researching and really as far as I'm concerned there is no going back on this for me now.  There is just too much condemning research and facts out there.   Too much for me to go into but just start here if you want more on toxins etc and prepare for some life altering facts.  I was focussing in on the cosmetics/personal care industry today and it's an industry that just isn't monitored at all and the fact that the contents in most products cause among other serious things birth defects and in particular reproductive malformations specifically in male children.

I really encourage you to start your own research into this topic. I can only share so much here and there are just so many books on green living and facts and research on what is REALLY going on.  It's really something every one needs to be aware of.  I just look back now and feel betrayed by those companies selling me products all those years and here I was trusting that they were really researching to get the best for me. I'd heard of making my own products but was so brainwashed that I felt I could never make anything as good as they'd make because that's what they do 24/7 - if only they really did! In reality anything I make with quality ingredients is 100 times better than the most expensive product in every way.  On learning more and finding even brands like Clinique who are meant to be making products for sensitive skin still having petroleum and mineral oil, parabens and sulphates that interfere with hormones  and other known carcinogens. It's just shameful and unnecessary and shows that the industry is just about marketing falsely and greed and I'm disgusted quite honestly.

On reading all this and trying to conceive as mentioned in a previous post, I just cannot, in good conscience continue living like we were.  I've been forced to go cold turkey and revert straight away to natural non toxic alternatives - which I might add are VERY good.  It scares me how so many are unaware of these dangers they unknowingly place on themselves and their children.

I don't even know what to do about sitting on our couch anymore knowing it is PVC with pthalates to soften it so it looks like leather - so is offgassing pthalates which affect my hormones and then there's the flame retardants also offgassing and the stain protectant.  All of this soaks into my skin if I touch it and is being breathed into my lungs.  Knowing every toxin that I absorb goes to my baby/uterus and that is proven... I just have to think carefully about everything from now on - because no one else is doing it for me.  The government has taken a back seat on this one and it's each to his own. So I urge you PLEASE look into this and don't take the vague answers that everything is safe from the major companies selling.  Look at the research that's out there and then make your decision.

As said earlier, my decision is made and there's no turning back.  The cost is too great to not make the change. Enough said.

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