Thursday, May 19, 2011

Synthetic Fragrances = BAD! Please avoid as much as possible!

I have always been a 'smells' person - very sensitive to smells.  Due to this, I imagine, I have always loved beautiful scented things ie laundry liquid, moisturiser, hair shampoo and conditioner and I've even been known to select toilet cleaner based on it's smell - yes it's true! lol.  So this new information was not too happily accepted for me.

To sum it up - synthetic fragrances have pthalates and pthalates are hormone/endocrine disruptors.  It is especially bad if you spray fragrances as they go into the air you breathe and straight into your lungs which gets immediately absorbed into your body. Scary.  I read in 'Planet Home' by Jeffrey Hollender that we should never spray anything into the air - always into a cloth to prevent it from being breathed in.

The only safe fragrances in anything, even perfume *sob*, are essential oil based fragrances.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news with this... for me this is devastating truth but necessary so I will delve into essential oils to satisfy my longing for nice smells!

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