Sunday, July 17, 2011

Review on Skincare and makeup from Gabriel Cosmetics

I've had a crazy few weeks hence the delay in posting this however I still soldier on in eliminating plastics and trying to get our home more non toxic.

I've always loved makeup as I'm sure I've mentioned below and recently finally got replies from my favourite make up company that I've loyally bought makeup from for years now - Bobbi Brown - and they confirmed that my favourite products indeed do have toxic things in them.  No lead or mercury but yes other stuff.  Also Napoleon Perdis replied recently as I have a favourite brilliant irridescent blue eye shadow I've loved of theirs and on seeing the ingredients (which they don't normally disclose) I was shocked.

So in my hunt for non toxic makeup, I have found there's quite a few choices out there BUT you have to still check the ingredients in everything! Don't assume because it's in a healthy store that it will be 100% safe.

Gabriel Cosmetics offer free samples if you contact them, so I got in touch interested to find out more about this brand and see if this is something that can work for me. I was particularly interested in their makeup but they graciously included skin care samples with it as well so I thought I'd let you know how I found them.  Gabriel Cosmetics are 100% safe and if you look on their website they list all their ingredients but also tell you what those things actually are - I appreciated that.

Here's my reviews:

Gabriel Color Moisturising Liquid Foundation:  My new favourite!  LOVE this!  It has great coverage for those wanting to even out skin tone. I found that the 'true beige' colour is my exact skin colour which is pretty amazing so it blends perfectly for me.  I wear it to work and find it lasts ten plus hours pretty well.  So happy I went and ordered a bottle of it.  So happy to find something that works that is safe.

Gabriel Color Blush:  I got this in the colour 'rose' and LOVE it.  Its a beautiful dusky shade that I find I can actually contour a bit with too (just looking again at the website the colour on their isn't overly accurate to what it is but then I realise with different screens etc it's hard for them to get it accurate).  Love it on my cheeks, adds a really pretty colour.  Very happy with this product. They actually don't sample this so I bought the full size and am glad I did.

Gabriel Color Lipstick:  Another one that can't be sampled so I went ahead and bought the full size just going by the colours online.  I got 'clay' colour and again have to say I love it.  It's perfect for everyday use.  It's creamy and lasts well.  Very happy with this lipstick - every bit as good as the huge name brands out there but 100% safer too.

Now the skincare samples:

Seaweed Nourishing Moisturiser:  Ok I liked this so much I bought it before even trying the other samples. Great consistency, great under the makeup.  Just like everything about it.

Red Seaweed Purifying Gel Cleanser:  It's a transparent blue gel and the smell reminds me of a bubble bath I had as a child.  Cleans the skin of makeup well with no tight feeling afterwards. I would buy this.

Red Seaweed Cellular Moisturiser:  I find this light on my skin with a gentle honey fragrance.  Nice product, I would buy this.

Marine Anti-Aging Cream:  Found this a bit too heavy for my skin - the consistency of the actual cream is light but I just found it made my skin oily in parts.

Seaweed Hydrating Mask:  This is a transparent green gel.  It gives a cool feeling on the skin the whole time it's on.  I found it started to feel a bit like a burning sensation and my face went red so I took it off. Not for my particular skin I guess.

Hand and Body Moisturiser:  This had a nice consistency but to be honest I didn't like the smell of this.

Marine Anti-Aging Eye Cream: This is a white gel like cream. It smells ok and feels nice on the skin. I tend to just use moisturiser around my eyes now so probably wouldn't buy this.

I still have an exfoliator sample to try but wanted to post this while I have a few moments so you have an idea of what this is like.

I also have a couple of other brands I'm trying out right now and will review them soon too.
Overall I am very impressed with Gabriel Cosmetics. One thing that impressed me also was that the person who is the creator is the one that emailled me back (Gabriel - unless I am mistaken!?) and I thought that was really cool that the creator is involved in his products at all levels. Great customer service there too by the way.

Just to clarify they didn't ask me to review their products and I have no part in their company... just posting how I found their stuff to help others choose... in the same way I'm posting on other brands/products I find good in my search to live a chemical free life. Hope this helps!