Sunday, May 6, 2012

Guidelines For Non Toxic Living

Just found this online and it summed it up so well I thought you would all appreciate this also.  I've added my own comments also.

General Recommendations:

1. Avoid ALL scented products ("fragrance" as an ingredient) - including all perfumes, colognes, after-shaves, personal-care products, air fresheners, pot-pourri, etc. Be careful about certain "unscented" products that use "masking fragrance" to cover up the original fragrance - these are doubly toxic!  Look for pure essential oils to fragrance things as only they are safe.

2. Avoid ALL fabric softeners, dryer sheets, Clorox, scented detergents, etc. These products are VERY toxic and very harmful to the environment as well.   Try soap nuts or make your own non toxic detergent and line dry your clothes - they will last longer!

3. Avoid ALL pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Pesticides are neuro-toxins (affect the central nervous system), and they don't know the difference between the BUGS and YOU! There are many natural alternatives to get rid of bugs/weeds etc.  Vinegar I've heard is a great weed killer for example. 

4. Use only non-toxic cleaning products and personal-care products.  Baking soda and vinegar are great cleaners, hydrogen peroxide, or even oregano essential oil is anti bacterial, antifungal = anti-everything which is great to clean the whole house with.  Lemon essential oil is also great.  So many alternatives that are 100% safe and 100% work!  Try coconut oil as a moisturiser on your face, baking soda as a deodorant.

5. Drink and bathe in filtered water. Taking a shower in chlorinated water causes the chlorine to go right into your blood stream. You can purchase shower filters that easily attach to your shower nozzle from water-supply stores.  Mercola has a great one here - I have his water filter and it's fantastic, I can't wait to get the shower one also. One day I will get the whole home filtration when we aren't renting.  Also avoid swimming in chlorinated pools.

6. Eat organic food (food grown without pesticides or fertilizers) as often as possible. Avoid processed foods, foods with colors and dyes, preservatives, etc. NEVER consume products containing "NutraSweet" (aspartame). It breaks down into formic acid ("ant-sting poison") and methanol (wood alcohol) in your body! Research that yourself - the information is out there and it's mind blowing.

7. Wear only natural-fiber organic clothing (100% cotton, linen, wool, or silk). Make sure the clothes are NOT "permanent press" or "wrinkle resistant" - these clothes have been treated with formaldehyde that does NOT wash out!  This is a mission but very necessary. Your skin is like a sponge remember.

8. Use only 100% organic cotton, wool, or pure silk bed linens and blankets. Avoid "no-iron" or "wrinkle-resistant".  

9. Avoid:  all plastics, particle-board, plywood, glues, inks, paints, foam rubber, vinyl, carpet, synthetic rugs, varnishes, solvents, PVC, Teflon and anything nonstick.  Start changing over to using wood, stainless steel, baskets, no VOC paint.  Try polished concrete floors or ceramic tile - but watch the grout has no chemicals or glues added.  This includes on your furniture and mattresses which are all coated in flame retardants, glues, formaldehyde etc.

10. Open your windows as often as possible! Even in the most polluted cities, the outdoor air has been found to be less toxic than the indoor air! Certain houseplants are beneficial to remove toxins from the air, such as formaldehyde, benzene etc.  The best plants for removing these and other toxins are philodendrons, spider plants, aloe vera, English ivy, golden pothos, and boston fern.  Or air purification systems such as Roboclean (we have one as my husband sells them and they are AMAZING) are also an important option to clear the indoor air, its not only dust mites and dust but flame retardants, offgassing from plastics and many other things that pollute your indoor air.