Tuesday, October 2, 2012

100% Safe Deodorant!

For some reason I recently relooked at my current deodorant which was Lavanila's Coconut and Lavender scented purchased from Sephora.  Previously I have been recommending this all over as 100% safe and was alarmed on reading the ingredients list yesterday morning to discover it has Carrageenan in it!  The dangers of carrageenan would be a recent discovery for me, so I guess it skipped my radar back then when I started using it, but I'm glad I checked.

So back to square one.  Searching my page on pinterest I looked through all the recipes I have found for natural deodorant you can make to decide which one I will try first.  My eyes fell on a simple pin stating that apple cider vinegar is an effective deoderant.  So, today I put it to the test - wearing it to work on a day I was unloading boxes and doing more strenuous work.  I did take a risk however I can now say, it held up!

What I did was wipe some apple cider vinegar under each armpit, let it dry then dressed and went about my day. Even now nearly 12 hours later when I smell my armpits, still no smell!  I'm so happy about this. It saves me the trial and errors of making my own, saves me money from buying natural ones and finding they don't work (which I have done a bit of in the past),  it's completely safe, it's easy and cheap and it works.

Why don't you try it too? Let me know how you find it!