Sunday, September 18, 2011

Update on my non toxic cleaning


*  I am very happy with 'Dishmate' for cleaning dishes, it cuts grease and smells great.
*  I am not happy with using Castile soap in a dispenser in the kitchen as it doesn't cut grease at all. I'm probably going to swap it and put some 'Dishmate' into the dispenser for cleaning hands as that is far more effective for kitchen use.
* Vinegar isn't working for me to clean greasy sinks etc after cooking with coconut oil etc.  Baking soda works well though so I'll stick with that.
*  I'm still wiping my wooden chopping boards down with vinegar and then peroxide (both mixed with water in a spray bottle).
*  I am going to look for another option as a multipurpose kitchen cleaner as for me, the vinegar doesn't seem to do anything.  When spraying and wiping the benchtops it just seems to sit on the top, make a horrible smell and not achieve much?
* For the dishwasher I'd been using seventh gen powder in the box which was a good price.  Last time they were sold out so I had to try the seventh generation gel liquid and I'm not liking that so much.  Not getting half as good a clean from that. Will get more of the powder next time if it's available.


* I've been using baking soda and vinegar to clean the bowl along with the scrubbing brush. That seems to work ok - the fizzing action makes it seem more effective?  
* On the toilet seat and around I've been using a 7th Generation spray I still had and I like that.  I'm not sure I'd be comfortable with the process of getting powdered baking soda to scrub the seat down etc - it's messy and time consuming - so will probably stick with some kind of natural non toxic spray that I can buy for now.  Maybe it's just psychological but I'm not confident in vinegar's abilities to really disinfect for the toilet.
* I'm still wanting to try essential oils at some stage as I know there are essential oils that naturally disinfect, I would be happy to try them on the toilet seat and around however.
* For me the shower/bath has been a discouragement.  Yes scrubbing baking soda does work for the bath, however I haven't got time or energy for the mess of trying to scrub baking soda all up the walls of the shower etc so have just been using either pure vinegar or a mix of vinegar and water (which is what many books recommend to clean the shower with).  To me, vinegar isn't enough in the shower to remove the scum from soap etc. (We are using all bar soaps now - fairly basic types, no toxins etc.)  Even mixing vinegar with baking soda in the bath doesn't work - just baking soda and elbow grease works.  Makes for hard work.  And I never feel it really gets it clean - which is discouraging from all the work.
To be honest, for the shower, I'm considering buying and trying one of those non toxic solutions around, such as Pink Solution, BioKleen etc., just to make the job quicker as I don't really have time to scrub and scrub when some other product cleans it faster without the exertion of energy that could be best used elsewhere.


Still using soapnuts and they are going well. I admit I do miss having fragranced laundry, but soapnuts do a good job so no complaints.

That's where I'm at right now! Let me know how your greening adventures are going too!


Stainless Steel - is it all the same quality?

I thought that stainless steel was stainless steel but recently read this article which brought to my attention that not all are quality.  Sometimes they are just coated with stainless steel, and then there is the nickel quantity in it - nickel stops it corroding so the more nickel the better.

Did you know stainless steel should not be magnetic?  If it is,  then it isn't quality stainless steel and will corrode, bend in the oven etc.

To sum up, the best stainless steel food grade that you can get is 18/8 or 18/10 standard. (The 8 and the 10 indicate the nickel level and that's the highest available apparently).

So with this in mind I have been searching for a while for stainless steel ovenware.  I had purchased some cookie sheets, but since reading the article linked above, I realise they are cheap and won't last long unfortunately. Anyway.  I did find on overstock some 18/10 muffin pans, cookie sheets and a jelly roll pan so have put my order in. From the reviews on overstock about these, they are hard to come by so really you have to grab them when you see them.  Hopefully they will last me well. I'll let you know!