Saturday, August 29, 2015

Introducing Neals Yard Organic - now available in the US!

I'm so excited to introduce you to an all organic 100% safe, chemical free brand I have known about for the last 20 years - Neals Yard Organics. I first discovered it myself when I lived in the U.K and was drawn into the gorgeous little store in Oxford where I lived.  It was an amazing experience - with the aromas of essential oils and so many interesting products all in beautiful glass blue bottles.  A friend gave me a gift pack for my birthday and it was an absolute treat. I also tried their deodorant too as I was looking for something safe and found it worked well.  Anyway I left UK and therefore hadn't heard much about Neals Yard until recently when I discovered that they are now in the USA where I am living. They are operating differently here, they are probably not going to have the beautiful stores like they have in UK, they are mostly operating by having representatives called independent consultants who sell their products for them through direct sales.

They had an offer recently that was too good to pass by with $99 for I think it's over 20 products - some of them, like the Frankincense line, being over $100 individually!  I signed up!  So the good news is I now can purchase the products myself with $25 discount! Excited about that! This offer does come up now and then.

Neals Yard Remedies Organic (or NYR Organic) has been around for 30 years committed to organic, high quality pure products.  These products are all handmade by 6 people in the UK.  The more I find out about them the more excited I feel as FINALLY there is a company that actually is organic and safe. I get sick of finding out supposedly organic products have questionable ingredients still in them or having to check ingredients lists in every product in a range because some are safe and some not.  This is not the case with NYR Organic. They are all safe, they are committed to that. Not only are they committed to the non toxic, organic, 100% safe but they also recently scored 100/100 for their ethical standards. Pretty impressive.

Anyway if you would like to have a look feel free to browse the website and check out the products for yourself.  I have linked it throughout or click here. If you have any questions please do ask! These products are luxurious and highly coveted in UK - it's a high end brand that is already established and proven in it's field.  I can also get hold of samples for you if you'd like to try some products too - just let me know.

So excited to share these with you! I'm pretty sure you will love them too!