Saturday, May 16, 2015

Introducing ABEEGO!!!

So I haven't posted in a while - my apologies - however I have a new discovery to share in the non toxic world of essentials and that is: ABEEGO!  Not sure how I found them but Abeego is a company based in Canada that makes food coverings that are completely non toxic - also called beeswax wrap.  They had a sale so I thought I would go ahead and try them and I got the pack with three different sizes.  My first impression is how amazing it smells when you take them out of the packaging - that delightful honey/beeswax smell!!  Love the design of them too.

I've been looking for alternatives to using cling film/wrap for a while but to be honest there's not much that can take it's place for convenience and usability.  Enter Abeego!  I love these wraps!  I haven't got rid of my cling film just yet because I don't have enough Abeegos yet to go 100% but I plan on doing that knowing how bad the cling film is with phthalates in particular.   I read loads of reviews on Abeego and read through their website to ensure I knew how to use it first.

So far I've used it for covering foods - even raw onions and it doesn't pick up the scent! Amazing huh!  I've wrapped fresh bread or baguettes in it and the next day the bread is still soft - which never happens otherwise in my experience.  I wrap the cheese in it once we've opened it and it keeps very well - had no mold growing on the cheese at all while its wrapped in Abeego.  These are just a few of the things I've tried so far and been impressed with the results.

It shapes with the warmth of your hands, so keep in mind if you take something out of the fridge with abeego wrap on it,  and you want to put the abeego on a different shape you will need to press it down to the new shape gently and the warmth of your hands will reform it.

To wash them you need to take care. I just wipe mine down with a clean wet cloth.  They recommend you use an eco dish liquid if you need a bit of soap for them and to treat them like a plate not a piece of fabric - this way they will last a lot longer.

I love these wraps and will continue to buy more as I can as I would love to get cling film free completely.  So glad there's people out there creating safe alternatives!!Also I must add their customer service is amazing!  Keep an eye on their Facebook page as they do deals from time to time that are a great opportunity to try them out for yourself!  I highly recommend them and just for the record I'm not paid by them nor have they given me anything free to say this!

Photos courtesy of Abeego web and Facebook page.